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Welcome to a steel house of Gaea-Field.
steel house warranty

*Sponsion of examination by the verifier which the Japan residence which is neutral member agencies guarantees examination guarantee (JIO)

1.Building Standard Law
2.Mortgage support scheme
3.Design and construction criteria of JIO

We inspect whether we clear criteria mentioned above

We back up sponsion in 10 of "portion preventing being essential conformation department and invasion of rain-water" touched burden with "droit about promotion of quality retention of residence" after four times of scene examination and delivery until more than 10 years.

スチールハウスの検査保証 *At first We do subsurface exploration of construction site in order to suggest the basic configuration which conformed to character of foundation.
*We quit Sweden type sounding probation as standard and, in 1 lot, investigate not less than four points by all means. We analyze examination data, and advice suggests the base specification that an important matter reason of differential settlement does not seem to breed as "base specification plan".
*When soil improvement construction becomes necessary, in case of weak ground, there is it.

*We check it whether it is with not less than motion contents and drawing alignment of base specification plan.
We keep character of strong concrete alive in strong reinforcement and compressive force in tension, and base unifies it and supports weight. Therefore thickness or clearance of reinforcement become important. We watch concrete by an eye whether they are crossed in with not less than contents and drawing alignment of "base specification plan" in examination before executing the work and confirm it and check it with instrumentation. And We confirm stack length between reinforcement with part connecting reinforcement.

*We inspect it while comparing it with drawing submitted by JIO. The examiner who had ability of registered architect by all means checks it. We inspect the check point which We does not understand in error general body whether water of wood becomes not more than 25% (in case of wooden ordinary construction) closely whether "cross bracing" preventing drawing alignment or rolling passes drawing, and it is arranged, and I am reasonable, and column and locus of structural wall supporting hooch are installed.

*We check article preventing penetration of rain-water.
Outer packaging groundwork examination confirms waterproofing disposal with the portion which I join, and opening department such as stack length with め, sash turns around, and penetrate wall such as waterproofing disposal, a ventilation fan of a waterproofing seat to put under external wall before putting external wall finishing materials.

*Examination to do fulfillment examination after main body construction of establishment was over.
Joint of siding and pitch of nail, veranda waterproofing check article preventing invasion of rain-water.

It is synergism consultant of a house mainly on Denentoshi Line, Gaea-Field from new condominium sale sell to rental houses and apartments / contract on a monthly-fixed amount parking lot / sale in lots administration / lease administration, sale sell / reform business of import material steel house, design / execution / sale sell of new family house.
There wants to be it with "the conformation creation enterprise" which it ticks away time with a visitor, and "spin a story to begin with land".

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