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Welcome to a steel house of Gaea-Field.
Steel house?

A KC type steel house

It was shown on November 15, 2001 by country traffic ministry, and the environment that a traditional method of construction and a building without a procedure special identically made it possible, a steel house intended for of authorization of a minister spread as a being average method of construction with a rule of old Building Standard Act Article 38 to this by a structure method of a light weight steel-frame building of enforced thin bar and notification about a standard of structure calculation (the 1641st 2001 diplomatic relations ministry notification issue) broadly was set.
It is "the KC type steel house" which received authorization of a country traffic minister on May 24, 2002.

steel house mamber
Construction lapse of KC type steel house
Structure for fortune of KC type steel house
Pursuance of ideal residential structure

Residential structure is private personal hand, but it is social infrastructure to be important in Japan. We thought about the conformation that we felt relieved and could live, comfortable house conformation. With a house bought through steel for the 21st century? With a house doing our life more wealthily? With a house affecting ideal of all of you? As a result what selected "steel house (he thin plate shaped steel of light weight method) It is steel frame two-by-four method). We steel house realizes high reliability and comfortable performance with advanced technics.

A steel house is fireproof measures by the steel which is kind to a simple reliable safe person and use of flaming retardant materials.
*Even a narrow ground can execute the work.
*The structure member steel which does not include medicine preventing VOC and the ant which give influence to the human body.
*The structure member steel which a white ant cannot eat.

The wide air space that a steel house flies the monergy span that layout freedom is free.
*(there are a few pillars and finishes it) a design is freedom at all, too.
*Insulation effect is good by normal adoption with around the quarters insulation system.
*We have high airtightness ability and consider sound insulation performance.

A steel house has recycling performance, and it is to be it in the thing that we reduces a quantity of use of a tree because it is the house which is kind to the earth, and we use steel, and it is to be it in a thing protecting forest resources.
*We use the steel which was superior in recycling performance for all of a structure member.
*Because it is done galvanizing so that a steel member is rusted, and prevents it, the durability is high.

The durability / the durability that quakeproof sex / steel member is not less than 100 that a steel house is not less than firm .100 year.
*We are reliable in rust by processing to prevent rust, galvanizing processing.
*We have about 1.5 times wall strength of wooden two-by-four method and am advantageous for earthquake measures.
*We use the minister authorization member which we test it, and was made of prominent drill screws for shearing stress and drawing.
A joint share holds uniform dynamic performance.

It is synergism consultant of a house mainly on Denentoshi Line, Gaea-Field from new condominium sale sell to rental houses and apartments / contract on a monthly-fixed amount parking lot / sale in lots administration / lease administration, sale sell / reform business of import material steel house, design / execution / sale sell of new family house.
There wants to be it with "the conformation creation enterprise" which it ticks away time with a visitor, and "spin a story to begin with land".

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