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Welcome to a steel house of Gaea-Field.
A spec of steel house

A spec of steel house
Thickness of the board which six Japanese blast furnace maker that steel house is proud of rust prevention disposal technics of the universe top-class produced uses light gage steel produced from a galvanizing copperplate of around 1mm. On this account because we are unrelated to rust and the passage of time change, non-equality of intensity, I maintain the high quality for a long term.

High earthquake proofing performance
It is adopted strong steel by frame materials
The steel house which moved frame materials used for wood frame construction to steel of thickness around 1mm. Steel having intensity of several times of a tree with the same section has likelihood to change course of action of residence to this into greatly.

Earthquake-proof experiment
The drill screw which was superior in intensity and execution performance
One of important member subject building steel house includes drill screw. We sort the screw which was superior in intensity and execution performance and raise durability by putting galvanizing disposal with steel frame materials and causa of equivalence.

*Structural wall panel of amount of intensity / high efficiency (consultation)
  Configuration Steel house association experiment value (horizontal power in 1/300 modification)
Steel house general structural wall Quit plywood for conformation, and it is frame materials gypsum board t9.0
89LCN t1.0
Pitch circumference @ 150 inside @ 300 16.2kN
Wood 2*4 general structural wall Plywood SPF first grade the second grade gypsum board for conformation t9.0
Nail pitch circumference @ 100 inside @ 200 10.8kN

Because there is not the passage of time change, I am healthy forever
Because there is not the passage of time change to can call fate of wood to steel (I fall below drying shrinkage, torsion, a curve), fitting right becomes bad, and there may not be the thing that a creak sound of bed produces it. The sag down is the greatest trouble about our wooden residence about the creep phenomenon that is a phenomenon to move. As for the steel house, there is hardly a creep phenomenon.

As for the steel house, there is hardly a creep phenomenon.
we offer unprecedented sky Hazama
Because wall panel of high intensity is conformation supporting the whole hooch from circumference closely, confession can design layout. As for the steel house, on the basis of reasonable aseismic designing method can build big space of 72m2 that we eliminated partition wall.

Steel house supports design of 72m2 between the big space
High durability / insulation performance
Standard adopts around the quarters heat insulation formula
we are in a steel house as standard with around the quarters heat insulation form wrapping up the whole establishment with heat insulating material completely. The around the quarters heat insulation form assured the dew condensation provision which was indispensable to durability retention of steel to use for frame materials. About the capacity appraisal, we are based on analysis by computer simulation and repeat inspection of evidence by experiment, acknowledgment by monitor house and a severe check and confirm that we do not wake up inside / face dew condensation.

An indoor temperature distribution with a monitor house
we use galvanizing steel plate of the highest capacity
Steel to use for a framework of steel house (shaped steel) uses the galvanizing steel plate which used the rust prevention technics power which Japanese blast furnace maker cultivated for many years freely, and like it, and っき steel plate gets appraisal of highest score in "technics provision about durability ability to be concerned with industrialized house capacity finding" that Building Center of Japan prescribes || is most high efficiency (is high of rust prevention power), and is steel plate.

The durability that a framework is not less than 100 years
we used the monitor house which there was in six places of all over Japan currently, and experiment of durability investigated it. Actually, I confirm durability not less than it in 100 as a result of having investigated corrosion circumstance of galvanizing steel plate used in the wall interior of the body and bed low quality of the steel house where body lives.

*Typical galvanizing steel plate
Galvanizing steel plate
5% aluminum galvanizing steel plate
55% aluminum galvanizing steel plate
test piece establishment circumstance
ACM type corrosion sensor and test piece establishment circumstance
We are flexible and support next generation monergy criteria
In next generation energy conservation criteria of Housing Loan Corporation, we compare it with existing new energy conservation criteria, and airtightness of residence and enhancement of thermal insulation performance are demanded. It is merit that around the quarters heat insulation form of KC type steel house can change thickness of heat insulating material easily. Because control of thermal insulation performance is free as for the KC type steel house, we can cope with next generation energy conservation criteria and pursue the residence capacity which is further comfortable capacity and high dignity.

fireproof performance sound insulation performance airtightness ability
Being burned down by catching fire provision from a next door is perfect
When the being adjacent that there was difference of 3m in became fire, it is said that face temperature of external wall reaches 840 degrees from a fire 30 minutes later. Even if frame materials of steel house reach such a high temperature, we do not burn at all, and it is the steel which smoke does not start. And standard adopts around the quarters heat insulation form establishing air space and heat insulating material on ceramics system siding of flaming retardant materials, the back side to external wall materials. On this account fire performance is very high, and the KC type steel house which uses flaming retardant materials for a place behind the eaves, deck goes down for the correspondence to fireproof conformation.

  Indoor temperature in case of an outdoor fire fire resistance test
    A fireproof examination (Better living Foundation)
We can use apartment-house too.
Steel house can do upgrade to high associate fireproof building thing of fire-resistant ability more. By this, big the second floor of scale be built, and construction of apartment-house becomes possible. And fire protection and fireproof performance of KC type steel house runs a point in other residence maker, and it is confirmed by the heat probation which I added the severe load which conformed to international standard to.

The quiet life space that I am not worried about a sound
The steel house that a family could seem to live comfortably and considered sound insulation capacity enough. We reduce the sound that occurred outside of traffic noise largely. For example, I can suppress even noise from outside of about 80 dB in half about 40 dB. Sound insulation capacity of steel house takes three years, and demonstration gets off with sound examination of full scale experiment building. Provided investigation data is reflected by residence.

sound insulation performance A transmission loss measurement result (community wall)
we realize high airtightness ability
As for the steel house, standard adopts around the quarters heat insulation formula. The capacity is demonstrated from what it is admitted as “ airtight house "from mortgage support scheme. Because airtightness of residence is high, we offer the commorancy clearance which is kind to old man and baby. It can save charge of air-conditioning largely.

It is synergism consultant of a house mainly on Denentoshi Line, Gaea-Field from new condominium sale sell to rental houses and apartments / contract on a monthly-fixed amount parking lot / sale in lots administration / lease administration, sale sell / reform business of import material steel house, design / execution / sale sell of new family house.
There wants to be it with "the conformation creation enterprise" which it ticks away time with a visitor, and "spin a story to begin with land".

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