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Welcome to a steel house of Gaea-Field.
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*The coming in power contents which I had is transmitted as character.

It is synergism consultant of a house mainly on Denentoshi Line, Gaea-Field from new condominium sale sell to rental houses and apartments / contract on a monthly-fixed amount parking lot / sale in lots administration / lease administration, sale sell / reform business of import material steel house, design / execution / sale sell of new family house.
There wants to be it with "the conformation creation enterprise" which it ticks away time with a visitor, and "spin a story to begin with land".

Kajigaya head office
213-0015 Kajigaya 4-11-2 Takatsu-ku Kawasaki-city Kanagawa-pre. JAPAN
TEL.044-852-9588 (the key Number) FAX.044-854-7895
Business section
213-0015 Kajigaya 4-11-2 Takatsu-ku Kawasaki-city Kanagawa-pre. JAPAN
TEL.044-877-3797 FAX.044-877-3282

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