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Welcome to a steel house of Gaea-Field.
steel house Q&A

Steel house of Gaea-Field
What is steel house?
We answer shrug.

What kind of residence is steel house?
The steel house which we handle is residence of two-by-four method same as wooden two-by-four method residence. A difference is for frame materials to be steel. Frame materials of steel are thin plate light gage steel of thickness around 1mm done galvanizing of. Interior and exterior is same as conventional residence. And we can use interior and exterior material in universe because universe is normal 2*4 method of construction.
Why is steel used for structural material?
Even if frame materials of steel pass through time to a white ant and fire powerfully, I do not need worry such as a curve, torsion. And we are superior in execution performance by light weight powerfully to be rusted so that galvanizing is bestowed. A steel house makes use of a good point of such steel. Suitable wood decreases to structural material charges of residence year by year, but and I am stable in large quantities, and a structure can supply manufacture of stable quality because it is produced recycled iron with 70% implication, iron manufacture factory as for the frame materials of steel.
Other than steel frame materials, what kind of material is used?
As for the structure, construction increases with the panel which left plywood for conformation with frame materials of steel with finding drill screw. Material same as conventional residence is used for interior and exterior. And We ask you DS (a double shield) panel and, in deck panel of our standard specifications, use fluctuation in exchange rates insulating panel and let you realize the residence which can express hut back clearance effectively.
Steel is easy to be rusted?
Galvanizing is put with the advanced surface treating technics which I cultivated with steel plate that steel maker every company is used for motor vehicle for many years, and steel used for frame materials realizes superior durability and rust prevention nature. And that 100 is durable as for the conformation in building is confirmed by experiment of monitor house by steel house commission of aggregate corporation Kouzaikurabu.
Why does steel house spread in America?
In late years steel house spreads rapidly in America, Australia. The reason is consideration to the environment which is strong to an earthquake, a hurricane, a white ant. It seems to be America which has major interest for earth environmental issue, and I am concerned about natural environmental disruption by forest felling, and it is a の thing. And steel frame wood frame construction spreads because we are flexible, and mixed structure is recognized in droit affecting architecture and we put it together with wooden construction and we are flexible and can use a steel frame.
Why do you become environmental protection if you use steel?
we can reduce a quantity of wood employment in residential construction by using steel for structure. About 70% of steel materials are recycled currently. Steel is the material which is useful for care of forest resources. And because steel frame residence lasting a long time is inherited as social infrastructure to the next generation, instead of mentality of the cycle which we break it and build of high economic growth period, we can maintain conformation carefully, and it decreases to use too much resources.
we heard from an earthquake and a typhoon that I was strong?
Of course. Superior capacity is demonstrated by the structural testing which is by steel house commission organized with major steel maker. Originally we increase in earthquake proofing of の wooden construction wood frame construction, a good point of wind resistance capacity, and we compare the wall panel which we made with steel frame materials of thickness around 1mm with wall panel of wooden construction two-by-four method residence, and it is about 1.5 times intensity.
Life in being of steel house?
Frame materials of steel are turned over during long time, and crazing is not enough. And there is difference by architecture environment in usual country living in the Imperial Court residence environment by around the quarters adiabatic construction method of standard specifications because environment of conformation inside is good, but it may be said that life in being in 100 is may depending on maintenance.
Are heat insulation nature and airtightness capacity of which extent?
We adopt around the quarters heat insulation formula, and steel house is so-called "thermos structure" to surround hooch itself completely. And We utilize the heat bridge which is a weak point of steel (thermal bridge) and conduct warmth and coldness in hooch entirety immediately. And steel house is high residence of heat insulation nature which cleared monergy criteria keeping thermal environment / airtightness. Comfortable "warm in winter coolly" steel house in the summer live, and realize a feeling.
Is not there a sound noisily?
As for the steel, there is hardly distortion growing under vibration and a creak, a curve. And Housing Loan Corporation or performance assurance are based on specification of neutral member agencies about noise from the outdoors and the next room, impact sound from upper floor, and it is considered, and it is executed the work.
I have free design on
Wall panel of high intensity is conformation supporting the whole hooch from circumference closely, and strings of metes and bounds comes with thing が designing the layout which can change future in 72m2 between skies with being about 1.5 times of wood frame construction of error freely.
Are a barrier free lance and shift of layout finished?
The design which all the family feels relieved from barrier free specification, meter module specification letting agreeableness between the sky up child raising life safety to an old person, and can live can. And, by removal of partitioning wall, we can easily do shift too of layout. Change of life style, cub-like growth is the house where we are flexible, and is met in change of family configuration.
Is Japanese-style residence done?
Speaking of two-by-four method residence, we may remember Western-style residence, but free design is possible. That conformation is steel , and of course can build residence of pure Japanese style only of Japanese-style room because is only fluctuation in exchange rates.
The third floor be built, and apartment-house enacted, too?
Be built, and the third floor is most suitable for residence and apartment-house. In America, there is not apartment too of steel house unusually. It is in a manner expensive, and steel house becomes wooden construction when we compare it and but it is more economical than steel reinforced concrete construction and weight steel structure and can build the third floor residence and apartment-house (the second floor) and can realize high structure of durability.
We are worried about a cost too?
A main body cost is almost same as wooden two-by-four method residence. However, the share adds to around the quarters heat insulation form with cost up because there is you as standard specifications. Value is stable compared with wood, and frame materials of steel increase. With mass production advantageous effect, rationalization of circulation, abridgment of execution duration, I can expect further cost merit too in the future.
Are sponsion and maintenance safe?
Our steel house depends on residence performance assurance institution by residence sponsion scheme Foundation, and sponsion in 10 is done about being essential conformation department / waterproofing. And we offer execution, total system to maintenance from design in order to realize execution of whole country sameness of high quality in steel house association and support engineering firm and house maker of the whole country.
When we build a steel house, whom should we ask for architecture?
We master design and technics training of execution. And familiar engineering firm and house maker of ladies and gentlemen including us which join a steel house association execute the work.
I think as rental apartment, but how am wrong compared with wooden apartment?
The asset top is profitable, and the other side, the depreciation which can maintain structure as residence for 100 years increase than wooden construction briefly with 19 years. And because it is transcribed into "steel structure" of Building Standard Law, it faces a visitor than "wooden apartment" and is profitable as an impression as a feeling of の relief when I rent it.
Conformation accounting is done how and does increase?
We can omit conformation account of case of KC form, but, as for our steel house, even the second floor residence attaches conformation account by all means in order to be as DS panel standard. I get together, and it is succeeded as the structure which was shown as, relief conformation even if I put it when I sell it in the future to the next.
A more detailed thing wants to know it?
Our steel house to build can apply residence denotation institution by neutral member agencies.Is 2 in stability of conformation (powerfulness for a quakeproof class -- earthquake) || there is you || the third class (the highest class 3). Or the second class is the third class "stability of conformation" (powerfulness for a quakeproof class -- earthquake) in standard specifications already (the highest class 3). "Stability of conformation" (powerfulness for class -- style which is worthy of wind resistance / snow / the snow) is the second class (maximum 2 class). Or, "capacity about thermal environment" (monergy capacity by monergy provision class -- heat insulation / airtightness), the third class is the fourth class (maximum 4 class). As for "the capacity about abatement of deterioration" (capacity preventing deterioration provision class -- prevention of dampness / corrosion prevention / a white ant), it is or confirmed the second class as the third class (maximum 3 class).
If it is steel house, please ask Gaea-field with anything willingly.
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There wants to be it with "the conformation creation enterprise" which it ticks away time with a visitor, and "spin a story to begin with land".

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