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Welcome to a steel house of Gaea-Field.
company guidance

Business name Gaea Field Co.,Ltd.
Headquarters locality Kajigaya4-11-2 Takatsu-ku Kawasaki-shi Kanagawa-pref., 213-0015
TEL 044-852-9588 (charges) FAX 044-854-7895
Establishment November 30, 1990
Stated capital 5,000 ten thousand yen
Employee number 25 people
Business contents 1. Design / design supervision / execution supervision affairs (steel house, wooden residence, import material residence)
2. Import sale sell of steel house residence sale in lots business / import material / construction material and import vicarious execution
3. Residential area development project / public relations / sale sell and delivery agent business requisition
4. Real estate lease business / building management affairs requisition
Officers Representative director Yoichi Endo
Director Yaeko Suto
Director Other's
Auditing officer Masami Torii (adviser licensed tax accountant)
Legal advisor / Umezawa law firm / Law practitioner / Umezawa good luck Jiro
Approval First class registered architect firm / The 12866th Kanagawa prefectural governor recordation issue
House agent approval / The 19934th Kanagawa prefectural governor approval (5) issue
General construction industry admission / Kanagawa prefectural governor admission (han -14) the 60274th issue
Japan import person standard code / Recordation NO.82559 (NACCS recordation)
Condominium administration registration / Country communication Secretary (1) the 031535th recordation
Housing Loan Corporation specification affairs registered architect firm / The 10140027th recordation issue
Residence performance assurance institution recordation agent / The 10021641st issue
Residence sponsion scheme Foundation
Residence completion sponsion institution recordation agent
Residence completion sponsion institution substitution execution of contract agent
Recordation Japan residence sponsion verifier Co., Ltd. (JIO) Registration number A0400383
Aggregate corporation Kanagawa registered architect firm association / It is written expert opinion affairs firm recordation (1) 05096 building examination

It is synergism consultant of a house mainly on Denentoshi Line, Gaea-Field from new condominium sale sell to rental houses and apartments / contract on a monthly-fixed amount parking lot / sale in lots administration / lease administration, sale sell / reform business of import material steel house, design / execution / sale sell of new family house.
There wants to be it with "the conformation creation enterprise" which it ticks away time with a visitor, and "spin a story to begin with land".

Kajigaya head office
213-0015 Kajigaya 4-11-2 Takatsu-ku Kawasaki-city Kanagawa-pre. JAPAN
TEL.044-852-9588 (the key Number) FAX.044-854-7895
Business section
213-0015 Kajigaya 4-11-2 Takatsu-ku Kawasaki-city Kanagawa-pre. JAPAN
TEL.044-877-3797 FAX.044-877-3282

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